Revisional Weight Loss Surgery


There is an increasing need for revisional surgeries as people don't meet their health goals with their initial operation.

Generally patients do well with their primary weight loss surgery. However, as with any treatment modality there may be risks of unforeseen complications or less than desirable outcomes and thus revisional weight loss surgery may be required. Patients may have had an outdated weight loss surgery which has since been proven to be ineffective. Other times there may be long term problems with the original surgery which were not fully appreciated at the time. 

In basic terms, a revisional surgery is a weight loss surgery utilized to correct or improve a prior weight loss surgery that has failed or led to complications. We see failures or problems from currently performed surgeries such as LAP-BAND, and gastric bypass. We also see weight regain and blockage problems from outdated surgeries which are no longer being performed such as the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG). 

We will take the time to understand what the underlying problem is, so that we can best determine a course of treatment. The treatment options range from surgery, endoscopic procedures to non-surgical therapies. Sometimes the failure may not be the prior surgery but the lack of appropriate support that is needed, and the lifetime commitment to lifestyle changes. In either case, we have the resources and capabilities to help. 


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