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Obesity is a major health problem in our country. There are many options out there and most people seeking our services have tried countless weight loss solutions.  They usually find us when the other solutions have not provided the durable results that they were looking to find. 

Obesity is a chronic health problem and like any chronic health problem, the solution is not simple and may require progressively escalating treatment depending on the stage and severity of the illness. 

In the early stage of obesity healthy eating, and exercise in a structured medically supervised program may be sufficient.  As the disease progresses additional treatment with medications may become necessary.  There are newer medications which are showing promising results. 

Most patients seek surgical attention as a last resort.  The majority have tried multiple diets, exercise programs, diet pills, and weight loss programs but have not been successful.  Surgery, along with diet and exercise, has been proven to provide the most lasting results compared with any other alternative.  

We specialize in non-surgical, as well as surgical weight loss.  Specifically we offer support with dietician, exercise physiologist, medication, and minimally invasive or laparoscopic/robotic weight loss surgery.  

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Obesity is a major health problem in the United States of America.  Severe obesity is the 2nd leading cause of preventable deaths.  There is help available.

Surgical Weight Loss

Surgical Weight Loss

There are multiple effective surgical options which are recognized and covered by many insurance companies and Medicare to help treat obesity.

Non Surgical Weight Loss

Non Surgical Weight Loss

There are newer and more effective medications available which are showing promising weight loss.

Patient Forms

Patient Forms

In order to serve you better we ask that the Bariatric forms are completed prior to your initial visit to the office.


Dr. Parikh recently performed my hernia repair. I was extremely nervous about going under general anesthesia, and I had several questions and concerns regarding the procedure itself. He was fantastic at working through all of my questions, and never rushed me through appointments. I also never waited more than 5 minutes for either of my appointments with him at his office, and surgery was on time, too. I highly recommend him. He is a stellar surgeon with a stellar bedside manner to match. I can’t imagine having a better surgical experience than I had...from start to finish.

Dr. Scheer is very competent, kind surgeon who takes the time to explain the options and allow the patient to make appropriate informed consent as relates to their best health interest. Not afraid of questions and easy to communicate with as well as his friendly staff. As a medical professional myself would recommend him without hesitation.

Dr. Liesen is such a wonderful doctor, he always took the time to explain everything to me and really did care, I wasn't just another patient. Every time a Dr or Nurse would hear his name, they would comment on what a great Dr. he is... And i couldn't agree with them more ! Even the staff at his office was amazing !


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