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Bariatric Surgery


Weight loss surgery (bariatric or metobolic surgery) is the only treatment modality proven to be effecive over the long term for most patients.

The majority of patients who seek surgery have already tried many different weight management options. Surgery along with diet and exercise is the most effective treatment in long term weight loss success. Surgery has been endorsed by the National Institute of Health for patients with morbid obesity since 1991. Many of the surgeries are now covered by insurance companies but coverage varies by state and plans. Please check with your insurance provider. 

Surgery is a treatment option that works in conjunction with other healthcare disciplines. All surgical patients are encouraged to follow up with their physicians, dietician, exercise physiologist and support group sessions. For many patients, surgery helps disrupt the vicious cycle of weight gain where one gets to the point of not being able to effectively exercise or at times even just walk around without significant limitations which lead to further weight gain. 

All of the surgeries are performed using minimally invasive techniques. This allows patients to have a quicker recovery and get back to their lives as rapidly as possible. More recently, advancement in minimally invasive surgery has led to robotic technology which is entirely controlled by the operating surgeon and does not function autonomously. It allows the surgeon more dexterity and 3D visualization making complex surgeries potentially safer.   

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

Revisional Surgery

Revisional Surgery


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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
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